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Hver tredje muslim støtter drab for islam
Police covered up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic
London borough becomes ‘Islamic republic’
Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women, gays attacked in the streets
Men who beat up teacher were terrorist suspects
Gay Free Zone conviction is disturbing
Rise in female genital mutilation in London
Free speech on trial in Europe
Islamists and Islamophobia
Is it racist to criticise Islam?
Ban homophobic clerics from mosque, gay rights campaigners urge
Can we talk about Muslim homophobia now?
Islamophobia: Is this the year’s most embarrassing academic report?
Islamophobic crime fell in London last year – MCB spins the opposite
British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws
Muslim staff escaped NHS hygiene rule
UK allows Muslim nurses not to wash to protect their “modesty”
Oslo: All sexual assaults ending in rape committed by non-westerners


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